O Spa

Item # Description Qty/Case
HSC-AM-OSPA-GS-075 3/4 Size Facial & Body Bar Soap 1000
HSC-AM-OSPA-GS-150 1-1/2 Size Body Bar Soap 500
HSC-AM-OSPA-TUBE-SHAMP Conditioning Shampoo 1oz Tube 300
HSC-AM-OSPA-TUBE-BODYWASH Body Wash 1oz Tube 300
HSC-AM-OSPA-TUBE-LOTION Body Lotion 1oz Tube 300
HSC-AM-OSPA-PKT-SHAMP Conditioning Shampoo 0.35 fl oz Packets 1000
HSC-AM-OSPA-PKT-LOTION Body Lotion 0.35 fl oz Packets 1000
*Free Samples available to hotels and motels. Sorry we do not sell to residential consumers, apartments, Air BnB hosts, etc. Please contact us for details.


Marietta Amenities

Aromae Collection Classic Collection Finesse Collection
Judith Jackson Collection Lord & Mayfair Collection Proterra Collection
Item # Description Qty/Case
MAR-ARM-100TP Aromae 0.8oz Vitamin E Soap 288
MAR-ARO125X Aromae Grapefruit/Sage Soap 1oz 300
MAR-ARM-0007.1.01A Aromae Rosemary Heather Conditioning Shampoo 1.0oz 160
MAR-ARM-0007.1.04A Aromae Lotion 1.0oz 160
MAR-ARM-0007.1.05A Aromae Body Wash 1.0oz 160
MAR-ARM-0007.1.06A Aromae Mouthwash 1.0oz 160
MAR-0016.1.28 Classic Collection Pantene 2:1 Conditioning Shampoo 0.75oz 190
MAR-LECJ125FBB Classic Collection Jergens Face & Body Soap 1.25oz 288
MAR-LEC-LEC6B Le Classique Soap 0.75oz 1000
MAR-LEC-0016.1.04F Le Classique Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion 0.75oz 130
MAR-FIN6FB Finesse Wrapped Face & Body Soap 0.60oz 600
MAR-FIN100FB Finesse Wrapped Face & Body Soap 1.0oz 288
MAR-0036.1.10 Finesse Conditioning Shampoo 0.75oz 190
MAR-0036.1.13 Finesse Lotion Bottle 0.75oz 190
MAR-95.1.137 Lord & Mayfair Conditioning Shampoo 1oz 144
MAR-95.1.139 Lord & Mayfair Hydrating Lotion Bottle 1oz 144
MAR-LMMH125X Lord & Mayfair Milk & Honey Wrapped Bar Soap 1.25 300
MAR-PT8FBFW Proterra Flow Wrapped Face & Body Bar Soap 0.8oz 288
MAR-PT125FBW Proterra Wrapped Face & Body Bar Soap 1.25oz 288
MAR-0017.1.50 Proterra Honey & Vanilla Conditioning Shampoo 1oz 144
MAR-0017.1.52 Proterra Honey & Vanilla Lotion 1oz 144
Discontinued - While Supplies Last
MAR-FDL-0001.1.220D Fleur de Lis Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion 0.75 130
MAR-ARM-AR0125W Aromae Grapefruit/Sage Soap 1.25oz 500
MAR-2001.1.02B Judith Jackson Citresse Conditioning Shampoo 1oz 144
MAR-2001.1.04B Judith Jackson Tenderly Hand & Body Lotion 1oz 144
MAR-JUD125DBR Judith Jackson Vitamin E Facial Bar Soap Flow Wrap 1.25oz 200
MAR-JUD125X Judith Jackson Vitamin E Facial Bar Soap Wrapped 1.25oz 300



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