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Hotel Safes by MicroFridge:

Intelli-Vault™ - Safely Secure Your Valuables with Hassle-Free Storage - Intelli-Vault™ The Smart Safe

Intelli-Vault™ provides hassle-free secure storage. Its external USB battery pack is simple to use and allows you to open quickly should batteries fail. Its two emergency opening override solutions—MIFARE access card and a traditional key—also provide added peace of mind. Rounded corners, fashionable Charcoal Black 2” gauge cold steel cabinet, and a blue LED control display panel make Intelli-Vault™ as stylish as it is safe.

Interior Dimensions
Height: 7 12/16” (19.7 cm)
Width: 17 9/16” (44.6 cm)
Depth: 13 9/16” (34.5 cm)

Exterior Dimensions
Height: 7 14/16” (20.0 cm)
Width: 17 14/16” (45.0 cm)
Depth: 16 9/16” (42.0 cm)
Weight: 31.75 lbs (14.4 kg)

Shipping Dimensions
Height: 10 13/16” (27.5 cm)
Width: 20 8/16” (52.0 cm)
Depth: 18 12/16” (47.7 cm)
Weight 35.70 lbs (16.2 kg)

Intelli-Vault™ Specifications

  • Emergency battery backup provided by external USB battery pack
  • MIFARE access card and key allow for quick and secure emergency opening of safe
  • Spacious 16” interior allows ample space for laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Easy accessible battery control panel allows for hassle-free replacement of AA batteries
  • Soft heather gray interior lining provides extra protections for valuables
  • Free mounting kit secures Intelli-Vault™ to flat surfaces or walls
  • Contemporary Blue LED display is easy to read
  • Crystal white LED interior lights automatically illuminates when safe opens
  • Key cover conceals emergency override key hole and USB battery backup port
  • Audio and visual control pad
  • Motorized, Double locking system
12 Month warranty with on-site service. Installation and/or yearly maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty.


Hotel Safes by Mesa Safe:
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Standard Features:

• Battery operated electronic lock
• Standard hotel function lock: enter any code to lock the safe then re-enter that code to unlock the safe. Once the safe is unlocked that code will be erased. Standard function is available.
• Electronic override can be set by user
• Mechanical override keys used to bypass the electronic lock if the batteries expire (check battery warning)
• Anchor holes provided to secure your safe to the wall or floor
• Two ¾” diameter solid steel locking bolts
• Pry resistant recessed door for anti-theft protection
• Concealed hinges prevents door removal and ensures a lifetime of smooth operation
• The keypad will go into a lockout penalty if combinations are entered incorrectly

MH101 Closed
MH101 Open

MHRC916E Closed
MHRC916E Open

Exterior Dimensions
7"H x 15"W x10"D
Interior Dimensions
6.88"H x 14.88"W x7.25"D
0.4 Interior Cubic Feet
Approx Weight: 25 lbs
Exterior Dimensions
9"H x 18"W x 15"D
Interior Dimensions
8"H x 17.75"W x 12"D
1.0 Interior Cubic Feet
Approx Weight: 35 lbs

MHRC916E also available in Black

MP101 MP916 (available in Cream or Black)

Exterior: 18" x 15" x 10"
Weight: 25 lbs

Exterior Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 15"
Weight: 35 lbs

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