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Nettify Cast™ – Hotel TV Casting Solutions from Frank & Ron Hotel-Motel Supply, Inc.

Hotel guests are getting tired of viewing their tiny screens to watch their favorite TV shows.  They may also be frustrated with the content that cable/satellite is being offered at your hotel. Nettify Cast™ lets your guests stream their own content onto the big screen within their hotel room. Problem Solved!

What Guests Love

  • Instant hotel screen casting thanks to automatic device pairing – no PIN or QR code needed!
  • No account logins, logouts, or passwords to type
  • Watching their own (Netflix) subscriptions on a room TV
  • 2000+ cast enabled apps, including TV channels & games
  • Using their phone instead of unsafe remote control
  • No app download to make it work
  • The ability to use their device for other tasks while casting
  • Connecting multiple devices to the same TV simultaneously, e.g. for multiplayer games
  • The ability to connect to any of the multiple TVs available in a suite or villa
  • None of their watched content history is being stored
  • Fantastic picture quality
  • Total privacy and data security

What Hotels Love

  • Budget-friendly in-room entertainment system
  • No need for expensive IPTV systems
  • ROI protection: no need to replace your TVs 
  • ROI protection: we’ll use your existing Wi-Fi network
  • The ability to decrease TV channels offering
  • Fully customizable welcome screen with hotel branding
  • To provide a hygienic alternative to remote controls
  • Automatic guest disconnection upon checkout
  • 24/7 Chromecast monitoring and management
  • No operational issues with guest user accounts
  • No set-top-box with yet another remote control
  • Anti-theft Chromecast lock
  • The WOW! effect this new technology brings
  • Quick & easy deployment, no cabling needed
  • Significant competitive advantage
  • Flexible business models

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