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Eversoft - Countertop Amenity Bottles - Bathroom and Kitchen

Eversoft Countertop Amenity Bottle Set

Our countertop amenity bottles are designed with space in mind. Compact and modern in design, they eliminate the need of messy soap bars and single-use toiletries without compromising quality and style.

Eversoft foam soap and lotion countertop bottles are ideal for hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and everyday use at home. Designed for both kitchen and bathroom sink areas. Used in combination with the lockable holder for a secure and smooth user experience. Each 385ml countertop bottle provides upwards of 480 pumps for long usage.

Eversoft Body Lotion 385 ml Bottle (12/cs) – $84.00/cs

Eversoft Body Foam Hand Soap 385 ml Bottle (12/cs) – $84.00/cs

Countertop Bottle Holder (12/cs) – $0.00/cs

Goose Neck Lotion Pump (12/cs) – $0.00/cs

Goose Neck Foam Pump (12/cs) – $0.00/cs

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**Free Bottle Holders/Pumps with minimum order of 2 refills per Guestroom on initial order*

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