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Manitowoc – Ice Machines – Hotel Dispensers – SPA162 22″ wide Touchless Ice Dispenser

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Designed for filling both ice buckets and glasses. The touch-less lever activated ice chute means the ice bucket or glass is used to dispense ice, not a hand.  The rim of the glass is free from contact.   Clearance from the grate to the bottom of chute is 9.25″ (23.5 cm)

  • 120 lbs. (54.40 kgs.) ice storage capacity. Accepts 22″ (55.88 cm) wide Manitowoc ice machine
  • Only 22″ (55.88 cm) wide, 31″ (78.70 cm) deep, and 54″ high (137.2 cm)
  • DuraTech® Exterior
    • Provides superior corrosion resistant above stainless steel. Innovative clear-coat resists fingerprints and dirt making it easier to keep clean.
  • Quickly fills glasses and large containers. Accepts up to 9.25″ (23.5 cm) high container
  • Improved Sanitation. The touch-less lever eliminates the need to touch a hand to the machine to dispense ice or water.
  • Efficient built-in agitator assures 100% dispensing. Oversized drain pan collects larger quantity of ice overflow
  • 3-year parts-and-labor coverage on all other ice machine and dispenser components
  • 5-year parts and 3-year labor coverage on ice machine compressor
  • 5-year parts and 5-year labor coverage on ice machine evaporator


SKU: manitowoc-SPA162

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