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WingIts – ALVISTA™ Lighted Mirror – 42″ x 36″ – LED

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WingIts® lighted mirrors combine beautiful LED lighting technology with a high-quality mirror to create a focal point in every bathroom.

WingIts® Lighted Mirrors offer as a standard six features; WINGITS® Patented Fasteners, High CRI & Efficacy, Stainless Steel Safety Lock, Vinyl Safety Backing,
and a Fingerprint Resistant Finish. The beautiful, energy-saving lights are perfect for task lighting while also providing ambient light throughout the bathroom.

• Precise-View™- 85+ CRI, high-quality LED driver and acrylic diffusers provide clarity, proper lighting/shading and comfort
• Eco-Perfect™ – High Efficacy 100+ lm/W, lead-free, copper-free & corrosion-resistant. Our crystal-clear light is super-efficient and uses minimal power – saving money every day
• Safety-Backed Glass – Vinyl-coated mirror eliminates injuries and liabilities inherent with glass
• SilverShield™ – High-density silver backing eliminates any distortion
• Print-Proof™ – Fingerprint-resistant finish
• WingIts® Patented Fasteners – Included drywall anchors guarantee installation and eliminate blocking
• Stainless Steel Safety Lock – Ensures durability and unauthorized mirror removal
• Water-Tite™ – Silica gasketing ensures secure installation


Size options

24″ x 36″

28″ x 36″

36″ x 36″

36″ x 42″

42″ x 36″

42″ x 42″

44″ x 36″

48″ x 36″

60″ x 36″

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