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Vtech E-Smart W960 Wireless Thermostat – Space Gray (PTAC Accessories)

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  • Discover the cutting-edge E-Smart W960 Wireless Thermostat, an ingenious solution that not only ensures guestroom comfort but also significantly reduces HVAC energy costs. Designed to optimize energy efficiency, the W960 thermostat empowers both guests and hoteliers to actively contribute to a greener future while maintaining exceptional levels of comfort and contributing to substantial energy savings throughout the property.

    With wireless technology at its core, the W960 thermostat eliminates the need for additional wiring for installation. The E-Smart configuration tool included with the thermostat makes the setup and relocation process an absolute breeze, allowing hotels to effortlessly integrate this eco-friendly solution into their systems. The W960 goes beyond energy efficiency by incorporating an advanced antibacterial coating, effectively reducing the risk of spreading infections.


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